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I’m a conservatory-trained musician/producer with a lifetime of professional experience in performance, composition and recording. My work ranges from the electronic and computer based, through orchestral and singer-songwriter genres.

Credits include: Discovery Asia, Phillips, Toys R Us, UPS, etc.

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Where the music started…

EARLY INSPIRATIONS are so important. I had my first big hook when I attended an informal music class on Saturday mornings with several young children, graduate students and professors from Yale University for a season or two. My brother and I would pack into the family car and drive through the woods, soon arriving at one fantastical house or another.

It was the late 1960’s, and the spirit of the time permeated our group. One week, there might be a performance. We’d be inches away from some of the finest chamber musicians in the country as they played. Sometimes we would listen to a recording of new music and discuss it. I remember hearing an advance copy of Switched-on-Bach, marveling at the variety of sounds, spirited performance and fascinating conversation of my elders. One time, we were assigned to make our own instruments, the sole requirement being that they should not resemble any existing ones. On another occasion, a professor recorded a metronome click at a measured pace, gradually increasing the speed of playback and re-recording until the clicks became a continuous tone.

At which point did we find it impossible to distinguish an individual click and pick out the rhythm, he asked?

One morning on which nothing of any consequence was ventured or accomplished, a bunch of grad students and professors were dancing a circular dance on a balcony overlooking the woods in the pouring rain, laughing. This was important too. The sense of fun. High-spirited purposelessness. Play.

It was a romantic and mysterious atmosphere. Music had the power to lift you up or dash you against the rocks. It could raise and answer questions that you never knew you had. Attending these classes, I came to feel that those who dedicated themselves to music led richer, more meaningful lives. I wished to be able to cast a spell with sound.

Over the years, I’ve had many life-changing experiences in music, and I feel now more than ever that there are endless new things to try, new things to be done.

Music production

Music for licensing:

I have a growing catalogue of attractive music in a variety of styles and moods. Many of the tracks include alternates such as underscore and rhythm versions. Concise pieces that include bpm’s, clear intros and endings for easy editing.

Bespoke music:

What are you working on now? Together we can realize the perfect soundtrack for your project. Friendly, responsive service. References on request.

Sound services

Music Mixing:

I am fortunate to be able to enjoy many forms of music and sound. Now that we have ready access to the history of recorded music, it is easy to hear that each era has its own sonic style, characteristics and special attraction. I’ve spent decades listening, recording, mixing and developing an acute sense of what comprises the signature sound of various genres and periods and how to obtain these effects.

What is your project’s sonic fingerprint? Where do you want it to be on the sonic continuum? I can help you to get there. Demo’s on request.

Sound Editing, Restoration:

Noisy, damaged production sound? Dialogue need finessing? Need sound effects for a project? No problem!

Here’s a sample of my restoration.


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